Doors open at 12:30 PM
Music will start at 1pm and end at 11:30 PM
1 - 1:40 pm
  Jazz with Mike Quinn and Friends
2 - 2:05 pm   John Brundage (one song)
2:10 - 2:20 pm   Jeff Litton and Peter Princiotto (two songs)
2:25 - 2:35 pm   Mark Mullaney and Peter Princiotto (two songs)
2:35 - 2:40 pm   Peter Princiotto (one song)
2:45 - 2:55 pm   Tom Henry (two songs)
3 - 3:20 pm   Mary Lou Barian with Cyd Redfield (four songs)
3:30 - 3:45 pm   Jeff McClure and Friends (three pieces)
4 - 4:40 pm   Groove Jet
5 - 5:40 pm   Blue Book Value with Henry Weisiger
6 - 6:20 pm   Tim Johnson and Friends (four songs)
6:30 - 6:50 pm   The Strawberry Philosophy (four songs)
7 - 7:40 pm   The Hill
8 - 8:40 pm   Steve Albrecht and Friends
9 - 9:40 pm   The TopTones (featuring music of the Beatles)
10 - Closing (11:30pm)   Blues Jam (If you want to sign up let us know ASAP!)

The following musicians have signed up for the blues jam:

  • Steve Albrecht
  • Bob Chambers
  • Wayne DeFrancesco
  • Jeff Litton
  • Timothy Johnson
  • Mike Quinn
  • Peter Princiotto
  • Kevin Smith
  • Bill Quigley
  • Terry Varley

We probably have room for 15 tunes at 5 minutes a piece for the blues jam. To be fair, people that HAVE NOT played yet will be first in line for the Blues Jam. So if you ALREADY played you might not be able to play on the blues jam due to time limits.

Wayne DeFrancesco will probably run the blues jam. We are waiting to see who signs up and what material they would like to do.

Please remember, in fairness to those that have signed up, you or people you invite, cannot just show up and play without being on the schedule. Except for the blues jam, the deadline is over for musicians to sign up to play this year's Fest.

Below are the musicians signed up to play as of 5-30-13  (Listed alphabetically) 

  • Steve Albrecht (and friends , Blues)
  • Mary Lou Barian w/ Cyd Redfield & various
  • Don Berkemeyer (Groove Jet)
  • Jon Brundage (The Hill)
  • Wayne DeFrancesco (Blues)
  • Michelle Forna (Steve Albrecht and friends)
  • Mark Frawley (The Hill)
  • Don Graber (Top Tones - featuring music of the Beatles)
  • Tom Henry (The Strawberry Philosophy)
  • Jeff Litton (Blues, various)
  • Jeff McClure
  • John Meyering (The Strawberry Philosophy)
  • Peter Princiotto (Steve Albrecht and friends, Pete and friends, various)
  • Bill Quigley (The Strawberry Philosophy)
  • Michael Quinn
  • Cyd Redfield
  • Jimmy Rieger (The Hill)
  • Mattias Rucht (Steve Albrecht and friends, Groove Jet)
  • Kevin Smith (Steve Albrecht and friends)
  • Bill Swann (The Strawberry Philosophy)
  • Jimmy Tolson (The Strawberry Philosophy)
  • John Tlusty (waiting to confirm on what set)
  • Terry Varley (Blues)
  • Henry Weisiger (and friends)

Again, if you want to play in a blues set please let us know!

If you cannot play and are on the above list to perform please let us know asap.

All musicians will need to organize their groups prior to the Fest, and bands will not be able to run over allotted time slots due to “technical difficulties.” Keep your equipment set-up simple!